Stefano Sabini has been collaborating for almost twenty years with the main companies specialised in real estate valuation, such as PRAXI and Savills. Among his clients for the valuations are numerous Italian companies active in the real estate sector, corporate entities and universities, including Harvard University and several renowned winery estates and country resorts that have leveraged the expertise and experience of Sabini & Associates Srl.

The valuation of the properties can be aimed at the sale, lease, development or for tax or business purposes. For this purpose the valuation approach is based on the indications of the client.

The professional technical part of the evaluation is made in collaboration with professional surveyors, architects and engineers.

consultancy & VALUATION

Marketing & Intermediation

Providing professional intermediation for the sale and purchase of the property, ensuring the legal security of the transaction through collaboration with local public notaries and ensuring the technical compliance of the property through expert surveyors. 

Our competence: technical documentation for due diligence  the creation of data rooms; comprehensive asset valuation; marketing and promotion of the property through specialised media and private network; customised selection of the properties for purchase, including properties available exclusively off-market. 

Improving the income generating performance of your property portfolio.

Our competence: comprehensive analysis of the property portfolio with further asset diversification planning for a better income-generating performance; sales and research of new assets; selection of suitable tenancy; coordination of a team of professionals to maintain the fixed objectives. 



Support in increasing the value of real estate assets.

Our competence: We focus on identifying the best development strategy, having as a reference the real needs of the users and the changing market demand. To achieve this result we work in a team with you and other professionals to combine the demands of a commercial nature with those of a technical, financial and legal character.